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86-year-old WWII veteran being sued by country club over property

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — Family members of an 86-year-old World War II veteran say he’s being harassed by a well-known golf course.

Virgil Wesley has lived in his home since 1995. Family members say Brookridge Country Club is suing Wesley for $75,000, because they allege 60 square feet of his garage is on country club property, according to a survey.

“I thought somebody was crazy!” Wesley said, “I’ve been maintaining it all these years!”

“He’s a WWII veteran, he’s 86 years old, he’s wheelchair bound, he has no money, no ability to hire an attorney, and they know that!” said Virgil’s daughter, Louanna Davis.

She said the country club asked him to tear the garage down back in 2011. Virgil’s family offered $2,000 for the 60 square feet. Davis says they didn’t hear back from Brookridge until this lawsuit, last week.

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Joe’s Weather Blog: Spring For Now

Good morning and thanks for stopping in and reading the FOX 4 Weather blog…I’ll be pretty busy over the next few days including doing some relief for KR tomorrow and Friday then handling some potential severe weather on Sunday…but will try and keep the blog as up to date as possible for you.


Today: Cloudy skies through early this afternoon with occasional rain showers and some rumbles. The “best” chance of rain will be towards the north of the I-70 corridor but a few showers are possible south of that line as well. During the afternoon skies should turn partly cloudy. Temperatures this AM are in the 50s and may struggle till the sun helps out later today. My forecast is for highs to be around 75° assuming we get enough PM sunshine. Increasingly windy as well with SE/S winds of 15-30 MPH developing.

Without powerful fire extinguishers, police would not have known man was inside burning truck

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. — The fire that erupted after a driver crashed his pick-up truck at 79th and Belinder in Prairie Village Monday morning was so bad, police officers couldn’t initially see that anyone was still inside.

A neighbor grabbed a fire extinguisher and tried to help before police arrived, but the home fire extinguisher was too weak.

Prairie Village officers came armed with coldfire canisters, a more powerful fire extinguisher made for these kinds of fires. It’s the same kind of extinguisher that is used in NASCAR races to put out fires.

Once they knocked down the flames they realized there was a person, or a body inside.

“We’ve got movement,” they can be heard saying on the dashcam video.

One minute and 24 seconds after police arrive on the scene, the sound of fire sirens can be heard in the distance.

Joe’s Weather Blog: Rain Chances/Frost Opportunity/Snow?

I’ve spent the past week or so out in the wine country of California. Sonoma and Napa in particular. It’s been a wonderful time with lots of sampling and some great(!) weather…but the folks out here are very much in tune with the drought. Restaurants are not serving water unless you specifically ask them too and the agricultural interests here are most concerned. At first glance things appear pretty green. The mountain sides and the grasses/vines in the vineyards look about the same…but when you talk to the wineries about their water situation they have major concerns. Their retaining ponds and the creeks that feed them are very low and it doesn’t promise to get a lot better as the rainy season comes to a close.

They’ve had serious droughts out here before and a couple of years ago it was too much water creating headaches for the vineyards…

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Johnson County welcomes Bob Dole as he tours the state

OLATHE, Kan. — Many turned out Monday in Overland Park and Olathe to see the former U.S. Senator from Kansas, Bob Dole.

Dole spent time shaking hands of longtime friends and posing for pictures during a stop at Overland Park’s Republican Party headquarters.

He’ll continue touring the state through Wednesday.

“I want to come home and thank you people, who elected me to the Senate for five terms,” he said.

Dole is 90-years old. He represented the state of Kansas in Congress for 35 years before retiring in 1996 to run for President.

A week of healing follows shootings at Jewish Community Center, Village Shalom

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. — It’s been one week since the deadly shootings at the Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom. People in the area and members of the Jewish faith in the metro are trying to  move past the attack and start the painful process of healing.

It’s a journey JCC members say will take more than a week of healing.

“It was a difficult week and it was weird to come back home and hear about all of the events and things that happened right here in the place we’re used to coming to every day,” said eighteen-year-old high school senior Jonathan Bush.

Tallgrass Creek Residents/Staff Rescue Four Kittens

Tallgrass Creek Residents/Staff Rescue Four Kittens

OVERLAND PARK, KS (April 21, 2014) -- A litter of four kittens -- two males and two females -- has been rescued by residents and staff at Talllgrass Creek retirement community in Overland Park. The kittens are said by a local veterinarian to be four weeks old. They are now being cared for as they seek their forever homes.

The kitten rescue has been a  labor of love:

A resident, pediatrician Dr. Don Blim, noticed the kittens yesterday and promptly notified security officer David Gregory, who then notified the Front Desk, which notified Sales Director Deborah Messmer, a lifelong animal lover who happened to be Manager on Duty for the day.

Residents and staff surrounded the kittens -- "oohing and aahing" over them in lobby.